Print Your Own Posters - FREE!

Put them on the walls of your office and volunteer work area.
Send them out to your volunteers as part of volunteer recognition.
Add your phone number and give them to your volunteers
to post in their office, school, place of worship, community center,
laundromat, library, grocery store, etc.

If you need help, instructions are provided at the bottom of this page.


Volunteering is
a work of heart


Are A Treasure
Build a Better World

 A simple act of caring...


 Volunteers Stand Out  Building... Community

Hats Off to Volunteers

You're an Angel...


Hearts in Bloom
Spread Sunshine

 Thank Heaven for


  Hats Off to Volunteers
Cheers for Our Volunteers

Volunteer... Our
Appreciation Grows


Volunteers Have
The Magic Touch
Our Volunteers Are
World Class
Volunteers Are
Stars in our eyes!

How to Print these Posters

1. Click on a poster to see a larger version of it. It will open in a new window so you can refer to these instructions.

2. Right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As.." from the menu that opens.

3. Save the image in a folder that you will be able to locate later.

4. You can insert the poster image into any word processing, desktop publishing or graphics program. (If you simply print out the web page the poster is on, the image may not fit your paper, and you will have to cut off the browser info which will be printed at the top and bottom of the page.)

5. Resize the image if you wish and add your program name, phone number, web or email address, logo and any other message you wish above, next to or under the poster image.

6. You will get best results if you print the finished poster on a photo quality color printer and glossy photo paper. If you do not have these, contact your copy service to learn what they can do to give you the best quality posters.

7. All we ask is that you leave our logo on the bottom of the poster image.

We would love to hear:
* if you like these posters - which?
* if you have ideas for others
* how you use them
* if you have any trouble saving them